yang baru

Today is not a very good day to start. I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. And I did nothing.

The camp is nice, scenery very good, air very fresh, on a hilltop. Reminds me of Maris Stella located on Mount Vernon. But of course this camp there won’t be traffic jams during Ching Ming; in Maris Stella the Ching Ming meant a great excuse to go school late.

The people here are nicer. MUCH NICER than those in Pasir Laba. Of course I am not implying that there all the Pasir Laba people are freaks and evildoers but they treat us OOCs really like 粪土. Here they treasure us better. Oh well, it’s too early to judge anyway.

The day is ending soon, yet I don’t know what is my job scope. I don’t even know where is my bunk and where is my bed and what to prepare for each day. This ought to be improved. Or maybe I am too 渺小 that no one notices me. But it’s unlikely; this camp is WAY SMALLER than our mighty Pasir Laba.

[oops I forgot the lyrics already. next time bah.]

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