Okay. Finally I watched Eat Pray Love. May be pretty boring for people who are not interested in any of those
"philosophies of life". But I think it's okay lah, just a bit too lengthy. Probably the book was better.

Was a bit pissed at SOME people just now. Shan't elaborate about it, 'cos I'm not the type that bitches around. And anyway I always forgive and forget so the MRT ride from City Hall back home burnt all those pissed-ness away already.

Yeah it's actually important to FORGIVE AND FORGET. All those angst will just stack up in your heart if you don't know how to let go. Maintain the balance in life. And I've always been saying that it's fate that A meets B instead of C, so we should treasure the relationships we have now instead of making enemies all over the place and adding burden to your mind.

Anyway I've just finished downloading the entire Eurovision 2009 album. Shall start on the 2010 one soon. Eurovision is this Europe-wide singing competition that started since 1950s. Last year champion was Norway:

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