So as I was saying, I went to the Museum on Wednesday. And before that I decided to go to the Esplanade Library. I thought all libraries would open at 10am! Not so for Esplanade Library! D:

Citylink Mall, on my way to the Esplanade

 So the disheartened carried on walking to the National Museum past SMU. SMU is full of students. And they all wear like.... they are going on a chalet with a laptop hahahahaha.

So the Pompeii Exhibitioin costs $6 for a NSF. Which is half-price. This called Care For Soldier, the last but definitely not the least of the 7 Commandments of our mighty organisation.....

The entrance was quite sad lah, with all the body casts of the victims from the volcano eruption... But the following galleries were pretty educational, now I know how does volcano eruptions occur (sorry lah I don't take Geog)  and cheemology like pumice, lapilli, basalt, caldera, blah blah blah.

Exedra, a room that opens to courtyard or portico.

Fresco: pigment bonds with the newly plastered walls, making it dry and durable.

Various "household gods", like Minerva and Apollo

Looks like someone I know hahahahaha

Godlike indeed.

Roman weighing scale uses the owner's face as the weight hahahaha

The Pompeii Exhibition isn't a very big one, but a really interesting one. It's a pity that civilisations like these can just disappear overnight. But a new one is reborn after it. Oh well, life's fair after all.

Upstairs I've been to many times already lah, nothing new to me, except for the Presidents' Presents exhibit.


From South Africa.

My favorite. From the Phillipines. Simple, yet elegant.

Looks like the Malay keris? Nah, it's similar, called the khanjar.

This week is rather fruitful lah. Learnt many things, both in camp and out of camp. I actually love doing work in camp, because it is finally something of my interest. Back in Pasir Laba people like us do saikang because the bosses like to push their jobs to others. Here, the situation is not as bad. In fact, we do things together.

This new camp is definitely not a chaokeng haven. But it's humane enough.
And they guarantee a 5km run every Friday! YAY!

On a side note, I am aging. I feel weaker and sleepier everyday. CRAP.

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