proud to gagal

Just did my FFI. I am unfit for recourse. Hohohohohoho. That should end my exciting-turned-crappy life in SCS pretty soon huh! Wonderful.

These two days got little kids from Poly, ITE and MJ coming to visit our camp. Show them all the weapon lor. Haha being low-ranked isn't exactly good, but isn't bad either. I don't have to shoot and clean their weapons, but I need to carry things here and there (aka saikang). I take little responsiblities, and I don't get recognition. Well, it's kinda fair lah huh. After all, that's what my role as an OOC is all about yeah.

Thai Express isn't the greatest place around, but definitely is a convenient and customer-friendly place. At least their menu got English "subtitles", you know what you're eating and don't have to ask ask ask ask ask. I hate asking in restaurants because I will feel dumb. Hahaha.

And I didn't Marina Bay/Singapore River area the 夜景 can be so nice. Haven't been there for eons. One of these days gotta pick up my running shoes and run again. I haven't been running for two weeks already. Heck whatever the doc says.

This Sunday I better be going JB. Cos Sunday is PAYDAY!


I'm looking for the Chinese or English translations of this book 『住まいの解剖図鑑―心地よい住宅を設計する仕組み』  , anyone can get it for me? Rewards will be given.    =)

[No matter how stupid/dumb/annoying/perverse I think the Japs are, sometimes I still gotta 佩服 their talents in creativity and innovation. Even boring Architecture books can look so interesting suddenly. 包装 is very important to the urban nowadays indeed....]

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