Rangaku: end of decade (2)

Let me see what I've done this year.....

1. Crossed 浊水溪.
2. Been to parts of Singapore that I've never been to, and worse never heard before
3. Went to clubbing.
4. Had drank more varieties of beer.
5. Learn not to judge people by their cover.

Shall add more once I think of it.

Do you know where is Ama Keng 亚妈宫? Or Pasir Laba 巴西拉巴? Or maybe Ladang 拉当 or Sanyongkong 双洋港?
Hahaha of course you won't know if you don't don green. And sometimes even if you don green you may not heard of or been to these places. I've never heard of these places too till now, and actually, why would you wanna go there if you don't belong to the forest.

Pulau Tekong wild boar (infamous for stealing boots!)

Nostalgic, my men?

Punggol Point

Nee Soon PO

Nee Soon Barracks

Do your Navi here guys, sini Pulau Tekong....

Neo Tiew abandoned flats....

You'll get this when you come a 28km "Journey to the West"

Wikipedia got a whole long list of Singapore Camps in both Chinese and English, haha and I've been to 4 camps at least till now. And passed by many many more.

Bedok Camp was my dream. Now that it's not gonna happen, I shall stick with Stagmont and see what comes next.

So far, I've learnt two things these three days:
1. How to approve an application;
2. How to format a thumbdrive.

Ok, I now you guys wanna beat me up already. I bo pian lah. I am not at all trained in all these stuff. The staff don't even know why am I posted here. And I behave too much like an Infantry soldier I am freaking some of them out already.

Here discipline very different from our kind, but the stand-by-bed is.... hmm...... I never had that ever, neither in Leopard Coy or in SCS. Come on lah for us Specialists practicality is more important right....

And anyway if you guys think that Signals Spec course is very slack, you're only partially true. The course is slack; after the coruse when you become a Sergeant, the siong life just begins. You're gonna spend weeks (sometimes months, depending your luck) learning how to operate things that you need to use yet your course didn't teach you. And get pumped by people lower than you because they are more experienced.

Life is a 双刃剑.There's always two edges in a sword/knife/parang/dagger/keris/penknife. Nothing's totally good.

I'm free every tuesday evening to wednesday evening, then enjoying two sets of 5-day breaks from Hari Raya Haji to the Sunday, and from 3 Dec to 7 Dec, just before my course begins on 8 Dec. Then again, I am SCT.

[I heard I can become a CFC. IS IT TRUE?!?!?!?!?!? :D    ]

[And I've just stumpled upon this very cool cartoon/comic whatever you call it blog, and my comrade and sergeant are both the editors!!!! http://the4moose.blogspot.com/]

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