Rangaku: end of decade (3)

Artist's Impression of the upcoming Batu Caves (黑风洞) Light Rail Station
First I gotta say that this is DAMN UGLY. I know it's only an artist's impression lah, but the impression isn't IMPRESSIVE at all. So ugly, doesn't match the limestone caves and the Hindu temple with the statue of Lord Murugan (the largest statue of Murugan in the world).....

Let me see what I've done this year.....

1. Crossed 浊水溪.
2. Been to parts of Singapore that I've never been to, and worse never heard before.
3. Went to clubbing.
4. Had drank more varieties of liquor.
5. Learn not to judge people by their cover.

Shall skip no. 3 first, haven't thought of what to write yet, and anyway it isn't very nice for me to write about clubbing using the computer in my office with all those skimpy-clothed girls and stuff.

Water + Wine Bottle. That's how you get liquor, jiǔ.

《说文解字》 says, 就也,所以就人性之善惡。从水从酉,酉亦聲。一曰造也,吉凶所造也。 古者儀狄作酒醪,禹嘗之而美,遂疏儀狄。杜康作秫酒。子酉切。

All these brands belonw to Asia-Pacific Breweries, the boss of Tiger....

The Tiger looks as if it has grown up, hahaha.

Seriously, Tiger doesn't taste bad....... There's this bit of bitterness in it but it is good what.... Just like some durians taste damn sweet and got some comes with a bit of bitterness..... At least support 国产 a bit lah....

My favorite beers are actually Erdinger, Stella Artois and Hoegaarden. Their taste very... light and refreshing. The Oktoberfest held by Erdinger at Clarke Quay was awesome. I happened to pass by only and it was like so fun. A much better place to meet and chat with people than clubbing. If you talk to random strangers in clubs people will think you're freaky. However in this kind of occasion it's perfectly fine, because everyone is here to have fun: (a lot more chiobu to see also hahahahaha)

Timbre isn't a bad place to drink either, and so was this shady Maple pub opposite Bukit Timah CC:


I've more picture of this guy drinking, but I cannot upload.... Sekali later tomorrow you'll see 金文泰命案 on Wanbao... Hahas


My Clubbing-cum-Forest kaki!

Drink too much will become like that.....

click to enlarge
Talking about liquor, of course must talk about Chinese wines lah. Taiwan Tobbaco & Liqour Co. (TTL) has one of the best collections and creations of Chinese liquor. Chinese liquor is always assumed to be for the aged, so nowadays they innovate a lot, engage in mix&match, like mixing 绍兴酒 and 梅酒 together to form this 3.5% alcohol. 老酒新花样,年轻化身的「玉泉蝶舞梅绍」呈献3.5%幸福滋味,感动每一代的清醇甘酿,盛夏FUN肆新登场……

And they produce memorial wines for Presidents as well.....

Taiwan breweries allow visits and every brewery or distillery is like a museum.

I personally have been to the distilleries at Hualien and Puli...... The 米酒 ice-cream is very nice..... And you won't get drunk after eating tons of them because they are 米酒..... Like soaking your mum's leftover rice for decades and drinking the liquid, hahaha.

Today and tomorrow most of the people are not in office. Meaning only I will be in the office most of the time.

Life not too bad here, and most probably for the next 7 weeks too. This camp is small, even got saikang also better than Pasir Laba.

Catch running along Teck Whye tomorrow. 5km short run along longkang. :D


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