Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde

I want his camera. Damn cool.

Raffles Hotel. 五脚基. Five-foot ways.

Renaissance style.

The Sumatra Exhibit.

So Friday I was at this Raffles City Starbucks in the morning. Waiting for time to fly before the National Library is open (I didn’t go there in the end anyway, decided to go on sightseeing instead). So I was drawing some random temple I see off the newspaper (yeah you’ve got it, it has to be Zaobao. I am still repulsive to angmoh papers; too heavy!), and then these angmoh tourist-looking couple walked past.

The Starbucks was damn crowded in the morning, full of angmohs also. But anyway I offered to share my table with them. The woman went to buy drinks while the man sat down and started looking at me.

Man: “Hi, we’re from Australia, are you an artist?”
Me: *stare, thinking you blind ah, this sketch so kanasai don’t insult our local artists leh* “Erm… Nope, just trying to kill time.” *fake smile*
Man: “Oh. Is that a China Temple?”
Me: *China your lan lah sini Singapura please….* “Oh no… This is Yueh Hai Ching Temple 粤海清庙, no far from here. It’s a Teochew temple, and is the earliest one, dating from the 1850s. There is tablet written by Emperor Guangxu of China, and blah blah blah blah blah…………”
Woman: *putting down her coffee* “We’ve got a tour guide here?” *flipping through her Lonely Planet"*
Man: “No, this fella’ is trying to kill time here, sounds like a good tour guide though. Hehehehehe…”
Me: *don’t know to smile or fret"* “Well, this temple is located in Raffles Place area. And there’s another one, called Thian Hock Keng 天福宫, located at Kreta Ayer Street, and is a… blah blah blah blah………”
So I spent an hour talking to this angmoh pair about how Singapore was founded, what happened next, how we kena airstrike, blah blah blah. Thank goodness I had my Orange Blossom tea with me throughout the talk.

Today went to JB with Henry and Kungyin. Finally 如愿以偿。 Now no more mooncakes already lor. Hahaha never mind. We’ve a got a new museum here. 新山华族历史文化博物馆, located along Jalan Ibrahim, in the old town of Johor Bahru.

Too bad they didn’t allow us to take pictures of the exhibits. Sigh. WHY WHY WHY can’t they learn how to share the joy. Grrrrr. Never mind. Anyway the museum is very informative lah. But I wouldn’t say it’s a good museum because they lack interaction with the visitors, and the exhibits themselves don’t really have the WOW factor. Nevertheless, I would encourage people to go there, very cheap, RM3 only, and you can learn a lot of things you won’t get to see here, like how the kangchu 港主 system is set up by the Temenggong 天猛公, the Sultan of Johor, and the Ngeeheng Kongsi 义兴公司 (if I’m not wrong this is the gang that used to fight around in parts of Malaya?). This 港主 system is what caused the existence of all the Chu Kangs in Singapore.

Had a lot of food today. Walk a lot of places, from the museum go to Little India (Jln Ungku Puan 翁固本街), then Kotaraya Mall, Jln Wong Ah Fook (黄亚福街), Jalan Meldrum (明里南街), then finally City Square.

Jalan Ungku Puan. Deepavali's coming.

The Auntie here recognises us!!!!!!


Dinner was awesome, we had Ostrich meat! Hahaha Aiman someday I will go eat with you, I still remember the promise. Ostrich on grill at Sizzling Stonegrills. ARGH ARGH ARGH. It’s indeed an experience. But inconvenient of lazy buggers like me. I expect people to cook for me and serve me.

My face look like cock here right. Yeah somehow I was walking when the picture was taken. Perhaps if I had run with my buddy I would have got 34th instead of 35th. Next year bah.


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