In Taiwan, the newspapers print the prices of pigs, eggs, cabbages, poultry, cows, whatever-that-can-be-eaten-and-sold on the inside cover:

Sometimes it's interesting to encounter things that we don't get to see in Singapore. Things like this is very common to the locals there, but to us it's like "wah, hahahaha how come got such crap one" because we never see this before. Perhaps if this is printed in Singapore the aunties will confirm be comparing prices everyday and complaining about inflation already.

Yesterday book out went to drink and make merry at Ziyi's place. Hahahahahahahaha OMG PUKING SHIT. Unglam to the max. Of course, the unglam-er cannot be me lah huh. I don't anyhow drink one. But because of this until now I haven't sleep yet. Sians.

This is another Jubeat Knit song. But I don't understand the video... And the singer a bit ugly....

贯いていく 戸惑うことなく!

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