Hmm I’ve left Pasir Laba Camp. Next week I’m going on to Stagmont Camp. Somewhere in Teck Whye area. Much more convenient than Pasir Laba. And I have more choices when I go for nights-out: Lot One, BPP, West Mall, or I can just take bus elsewhere. And nearer to JB too, hahaha.

Well these new cadets I’ve received these 4 days really amuse me. They are very… courteous. Outraging courteous. Or maybe it’s because they’re new they don’t realised that we Corporals aren’t very much bigger than them. But anyway I was so outspoken because I had to teach them a lot of new things. And from their RESPECTFUL look I am so relieved and happy. It feels like I did society a good thing hahaha even though all these cadets are at least a year older than me. Most of them are from Poly lah.

They knock on the door, they look up to me and ask me for advices. They greet me, got one idiot even thought I was a Staff Sergeant. They apologise when they forgot to return keys. I say what they do what, and keep saying Thank You. I’m sure Pulau Tekong tormented them in some way.

Anyway today is the last day I am performing the Combat PT. Yeah it’s actually strange right, for an OOC who is supposedly excused from JUMPING MARCHING and RUNNING to be performing stunts like Bent-Leg-Body-Twist, High Jumper, Jumping Jacks and Squat Benders. But oh well, initially 2IC thought this 热血奔腾的年轻人 is 可造之材, wanted me to be the PT IC to train leadership as a Regular. Apparently my condition failed his hopes. Suck thumb lor, haha.

Half a year in SCS, half year of ups and downs.

HAHAHA OOC=USELESS, understand? Nothing to do don’t OOC please, juniors.

I will slacking (most probably) for two months in Teck Whye before my actual slacking course commences. Then after course I will come back to join some I heard very very siong unit. Okay, slack yet can chiong forest. Sounds like my cup of tea.

Come, since I got nothing to do these days let me introduce some amazingly amazing people to you guys:

Cadet No. 1: 3SG Yann Qi: (this must put first, or else 对不起政府,对不起父母)

Just realised I don’t have a lot of pictures of him. This is so far the most viewable one. The rest is either RESTRICTED or like the Ah-Quah picture I took with him hahaha. (Well you can’t blame me, he was the choreographer. He gave me the plot to make wear that Ah-Quah costume. FOR THE LAST TIME, I DIDN’T VOLUNTEER. I WAS VOLUNTEERED, but it was fun anyway hahaha)

3SG Chen was a very responsible cadet. So responsible to the extent that we sometimes thin it’s compulsive. But okay lah, it’s for a greater cause. Being a Lecture Room rep, he is efficient, proficient and sufficient in fixing projectors, making powerpoints, organising lectures and untangling wires. And he makes a good lecturer while he thought little kids like SCT Norman Lee how to use a tank-blasting device.

It’s a pity that he can’t join us in our nights-out makan and arcade sessions most of the time. But never mind he has his own commitments. Wish him all the best in the Pulau Tekong IR.

Cadet No. 2: 3SG Ivan and 3SG Gerome Tan

These two hip-hop kakis (and massive clubbers too) are most probably the most beng people you find in the Company. Hahaha. But they good-natured people. It’s because people like them that actually changed my mind towards people who “can’t study well”. So what if you can’t study well, you still can have a great future right. The Indian is now a Sergeant of ADF (some siong unit, Always Die First!) . The Chinese “Buddha Ear” is now a Sergeant on Pulau Tekong.

People may not have the brains, but know how to 做人. They can preach a lot of 人生大道理s that many A Lvl peeps like us never thought of. Of course, sometimes they also talk a lot of 歪道理, like “钱会赚就要会花,花完了再赚,酱紫世界就会转……”

Wish them all the best, especially that Indian Regular. Moving on…..

Cadet No. 3: 3SG Tze Yang (nothing to do with mei-meis)

Erm. This picture is suggestive. Okay, I don’t have many of his pictures also hahahaha. POINT TO TAKE NOTE: HE IS VERY FAITHFUL. SERIOUS. Oh wells. Doesn’t really affect the way you think of this picture right? Never mind.

He is our SCS School Best, remembered by his “YES SIR!” at 10000 decibels during the award presentation ceremony in front of our Minister. He too is a regular of the ADF, and I AM DARN SURE HE WILL EXCEL THERE. He may a little rash at times, especially when he is pissed because things are not done the way he expected, but yes he is fit fit fit fit fit fit to the max. And is polite. 加油。

Cadet No. 4: 3SG Daoyuan

This one PSC scholar. Don't mess around okay. When you are injured in war, he's the man to look for, provided the enemy haven't ignored the Geneva Convention and shot him down. I'm sure had loads of fun jabbing himself during the 4 month medic course.

Another standard 好人 in the SAF. SAF got many 混蛋s, 能够出淤泥而不染 that means you are UP-THERE one. Hahaha. It definitely takes a lot of discipline to do so. And I have to say that sadly I don’t hahaha. I bo-chap one lah, what to do?!

Cadet No. 5: 3SG Stanley and 3SG Weng Rong

Okay lah I look fugly here. Must be those camo cream and that bright light that make me look like shit. Haha. The middle man is the most garang soldiers you get to see in life. Someone who refuses to walk on tracks during navigation, citing things like:


Okay lah. So some of your might have known, what caused those scars on my hands. And it’s on the BACK of my hands, not the palm. Try proning on wet grey mud and digging for one hours and observe the chemical changes on your hand. Army ain’t easy.

The one on his right is his “PA”, who has to assist the garang soldier in doing garang things. Okay he made it through, if I am not wrong he is having fun airplanes while on the ground. Literally 苦尽甘来.

Tomorrow little brother Maths SA2. Nabeh I teach until vomit blood. He just doesn’t listens. Dreaming all day long.

And got I’ve got this relative’s kid here at home, even worse, Primary One only use recess money go arcade play game. Nabeh, tomorrow I shall go his school and see which asshole brought him there.

Kids nowadays sibeh 不好教, I think my time I was much more innocent.        :D


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