Went to watch the 精武風雲·陳真 yesterday night. Obviously not alone.

[Sorry Armor Bro but I really can't accept the notion of watching a movie alone hahahaha]

Comments mah... 舒淇 actually 张得不怎么样 leh...... Different people different taste bah.
And anyway this show is on the name of  爱国 so of course the Chinese guy will whack the Japanese lah. And of course I will like to see the Japanese kena whack lah. Hahahaha. Some things doesn't change at all. Seriously, Japanese ought to be whacked real hard. 他妈的还吾等三千万同胞……

Oh. Year-end is coming. And yeah just to share, I have a 8-day FORCED LEAVE this year. So *ehem* if you're looking for something exciting (like taking a bus to Muar/Melaka/Manila/Moscow and disappear for two days) you know who to look for.....

Year-end = Movie season. Everyone say this show nice. I don't know leh, the picture below this poster isn't interesting in anyway:

I really think this kind of shows is NOT SCARY. Please lah, I think I scarier can... When I watch such movies I make a lot of noise, and vulgarities of course. For those who tried to boo/scare/roar/whatever me you'll know lah, I just give you a few Chinese characters in random dialects.

But still, Human Centipede is one SICK SHOW.

Can guess what this diagram is? It means the Doc is slitting your face and attaching it to someone else's butt. How sick can that be!!!!!

Alright, this show doesn't have a lot of gore. But the idea implied is really GROSS. The trailer 足以让人喷……

Okay. Yuck. Moving on.

I love Chick Flicks. Or is it Chicks Flix. Or Chick Flik. Till now I still can't spell it. But yeah I like them. Makes much more sense than those stupid horror movies.

This Friday got Julia Robert on screen! Yeah she's got a rather disporportioned mouth.... But still she's a great actor I think. After all I seldom compliment angmoh people lah.


Was looking at past pictures on Facebook. Okay lah I know lah I last time damn camwhore, but that's really fond memories:

Hahaha I think I did a lot of cock stuff in NJ, I'm actually smiling at the pictures I'm looking at right now hahahahaha. Last time a bit 自high lah hor. NS has made me a more boring creature (read as mature and sensible). Or maybe senseless. Me change a lot. Me no like this change.

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