A bit slack these few days. Decided to do some wiki-hopping. And stumbled upon loads of non-existent articles or stubs on Chinese wiki. So I actually can find the free time to contribute some crap. Not bad huh. Hahahaha.
I gained some knowledge too, either by translating those on English/Malay wiki or googling stuff. Like now I know the difference between a Temenggong, Bendahara and Laksamana, and Sang Nila Utama is Parameswara’s (aka Iskandar Shah) great-grandfather. And Seri Menanti (in Negeri Sembilan) is called 神安池 in Chinese, Gua Musang (in Kelantan) is called 话望生, while the Chinese in Setiawan are mostly of Foochow origins. COOL right. Hahahaha bo pian lah, really too sian le, nothing much for me to do…

Yawns. So there goes my first week, learning all kinds of Office Politics that I’ve never seen during my NS life with Enciks. Sir 果然比 Encik 复杂好多……

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