Lor Sesuai.

Today is a wonderful day. Went to NUS Bt Timah Campus for this China Foreign Policy thingy. It’s damn good, the Professor was damn nice… Haha now I have his contacts, can spam him with all my queries liao.

Went to many places today. Went to Jurong Point for some shopping, then changed my clothes at hostel and then ran all the way to Bt Timah Train Station. WHere is that? Somewhere opposite MGS lah. Next time I promise post picture k, cos camera not with me. Then “climbed” Bt Batok. Not really climb lah, after all the hill is so small. But I like the quarry lake and the sharp sharp cliff. Looks very nice, got the 崇山峻岭 feel. Makes me feel that Singapore is a mighty nation.

I just saw my China Studies paper, which included a Source-based question with 4 parts and two essays. My source based was quite okay lah, up to my standards. The essays is one up one down. The one on Sino-Japanese relations is better, but the one on Migrant Workers is really shitty, like 11 out of 30?!?! Teacher’s comments is that I am 述多于论, that means provided too much info without personal interpretations. Sigh. What a pity. I was really too tired that day after playing basketball with Kuan Loong for ponning Physics.

Mingyang reminded me that tomorrow is the Taiwan Immersion one-year-anniversary. Yeah in deed, time flies. Flies real fast. One year ago I was still having attachment at MFA when they came. And then we cry like waterfalls in the airports. Haha I must have been a very very emotional person indeed. The Taiwanese are very 重情重义 people. They can follow you do to do whatever nonsense you want and bring you to anywhere you want. I am very very lucky to have a buddy who can everyday diam diam one corner and silently follow behind you helping you do your saikang. Not as if I bullying him lah, but I can tell he has been giving in to me all the time.

Intially I wanna put another of my “home-made” maps here. But the hostel internet really SHIT. So forget it ah.

Ok I promised to spam stuff about Mingyang. Mingyang is damn AA in Taiwan lor. He camwhores with many many many boys and girls and animals alike and even went to Neoprint. Yes I am dead jealous ok. And he learns all kinds of vices from his buddy and make his head look like drunken prawn during the final days there. And we spammed loads of beer and Mingyang did sick stuff at night. Aiyah can't remember clearly lah, either him or Luther, or maybe Keith. K,L or M. Definitely not Y. And Mingyang like black color girls lor...

Ok lah. Enough spamming, lest he get angry and turn his hair fiery red again. Anyway I am damn proud to pon lecture today and finish my Ideal Gases. Woohoo~~~ I am loving Chem, day after day. Who gives a **** about Physics.

Tomorrow go climb mountain with SCG. Tardiness and lethargy expected. Adeus.

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