Dr Tun Mahathir, just posted a new blog post. He said that “the ethnic group with a 4000-year civilisation and constituting 26% of the population” (come on lah, everyone knows who he is referring to LOL) has been eroding the indigenous and inalienable rights of the bumiputeras. I am not here to rebut him or whatsoever, but I thought the comments people post on his blog is interesting lah:


And there is another one ianhe Zaobao, which is trying to prove the world how China’s never-ending sandstorms can save the world from…… Global Warming! WTF. These “scientists” claim that China sand contains rich amounts of Fe, so they provide nutrients for the algae and fish and whatever organisms in the Pacific Oceans lah. And also the sand particles can reflect light, hence reducing our global warming. If that’s case…. Indonesians must be feeling outright cold there ‘cos they refuse to sell sand to us and all the Sunlight is henceforth being reflected away. I shall bring a jacket to Batam next time.

Just did a good deed yesterday. Haha okay, credits to……….(drumroll)….. Yihfang! Ok lah, last evening got this ah-ma need people to carry her up because her legs to weak to stand, but apparently people didn’t understand what she wanted lah. So… we go help lor… Haha. Considered a good deed lah, huh.

Very very very long never watch 全民最大黨 already. So just now I go and watch and saw 蘇貞昌 inside. For those who don't know who he is, he is the ex-Premier of Taiwan and had numerous posts as a mayor. And he look like this:


Yeah, and I took a picture with him while in Hualien 花蓮 during a wedding.


Of course not him lah…. Some look alike lor… Haha but he is entertaining lah. His nickname is 電火球, Hokkien for “light bulb”. His head look like some bulb lah.

Argh I am chionging Hypothesis now. Making progress. How progressive I can be!

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