Bukan Racist. Tak Akan Racist Lagi.

Today seems peaceful. I can put my mind doing more useful things, like visiting the dentist and reading newspapers and my beloved “The Economist”.

While reading about the racial riots in Xinjiang I just turn cold lah, I have no idea why. I have no connection to that ulu-ulu place at all and I do not see why I should feel pity and sympathise them. But I am indeed doing so. Well but anyway I have decided not to crack racial jokes anymore, because I don’t want to get chopped into pieces if such riots happen in Singapore again. Seriously it is very grieving to see Uyghurs whacking the Chinese and vice versa, with the other funny funny races putting their leg into the affair as well. Why do things that appear placid on the surface normally develop into such a huge incident in such a short time? What is the hatred/angst/animosity that has been grooming between the two races that have always been appearing to be “brotherhood” according to government reports?

May such things never happen in Singapore. China can tahan this kind of crap again and again. But we don’t.

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