Ulang kaji? Not quite.

I must go chiong JB after Prelims. So much membeli-belah to do.

Just fliiped through my phone… Got a lot of stupid pictures:


Ini Muhammad!!! Caught changing his pants in public!



How random I can get. Oh well, apart from buying presents for the HUMONGOUS amount of September babies, now I must treat SOME PEOPLE to a meal already. Oh gosh. How confident can I get with myself.

Physics. Should I pon? Today studied quite a bit, thanks to Ziyi, Albert, Vanessa, Eugene and Kok Leong (Get well soon, Kok. Stop AHCHEW-ing throughout the whole canteen—people would think it is ME). It is the encouragements and “forcings” from your friends that push you forward; I just give up (and in) too easily. I don’t know. If I had a choice of course I would rather spend my time learning 台客舞, haha. But responsibility takes great count here, Encik Yang. It is your future at stake. If you do not take steps towards it NOW, you will definitely regret it.

I love my friends. And I treasure them more now. And some pseudo-friends that are not worthy of making and upgoing (上进?) can say bye-bye to me. I am personally a negative-inductive effect (Chem!) and hence I need activating groups (like –OH) to enhance myself. I shall be 闭关锁国-ing for the next month or two.

蒋总统 经国先生曾经说过:“时代改变青年,青年创造时代”。Study hard, and live no regrets. Ciaos and adeus.

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