I am such a failure. But never mind. As if I care.
Ok lah, actually I do lah. But…. I don’t care. Heh

Sent a card to Taiwan, sorry Pearlyn didn’t manage to call everyone because I was so cropped up, but I sent this card in the name of everyone to 教官, so not so bad lah. Next Tuesday is Taiwan’s Teachers’ Day. Surely we need to express our utmost gratitude for their support and assistance during the immersion last year yeah?

Today is a very lousy day. A very very very very very very very suey day. Freaking SUEY. Like get caught for not wearing proper uniform, then laptop no battery when about to submit thesis, all sorts of funny nonsense.
Then went Changi Village, supposed to see Ah Quah. Obviously at 3.30pm you won’t see any. So went to seaside to bitch around, then talk cock sing song, then try to squeeze through this railing, in which only I can, haha ‘cos limpeh is SLIM. MUAHAHAHA.

I LOVE CURRY WOK!!!!! But today not enough people… Only 3…. So we went to this 太子 place to eat instead. Not bad lah. The way Fiona eats is like………. monstrous. Not like gorilla so scary lah, but macam orang utan. And Fiona once again proved her ability in camwhoring, as usual.

Oh gosh I am SO SO SO SO SO RELIEVED. I just wanna sleep and sleep and sleep through the entire weekend, though not very likely because I hate being a 宅男.  I love my friends. Yay.

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