Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee…. Boom Dynamite!

Curry Woks today again. What’s life without some camwhoring with Eugene Ke? Oily mouths and teeth. And shit, I think I look damn disgusting ‘cos I am disgustingly skinny. I DUN WANT!!!!!! =( =( =(

Chen Shui-bian is sentenced to Life Penalty. Better if he dies in prison. He just betrayed his people. This kind of people should go and commit suicide.

Just heard some rumors that back in Xi’an also got some mother f-king terrorists that use injection needles to poke innocent civilians. What bastards they are! The government is too tolerant to them already. If I were in control I would have sent tanks and crush everyone in Xinjiang. What on earth is their f-king problem?!?!

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