It feels XXXXXXX

Neh not being racist here. Well we have to admit that every ethnic group in this world have stereotypes inflicted on them. And also every ethnic group have their own trends. People always say Japanese are courteous, Angmohs are innovative. What about Chinese. We are freaking power-greedy, haha. This Malaysia ah, sibeh chialat leh. The MCA members fighting among themselves don’t know for what. There is this Deputy President 蔡细历 that wanna challenge the President 翁诗杰, because the latter refused to give him any proper posts. This just sound so stupid lah, no wonder your party keep losing votes during elections. Put your focus on the people instead of having 党争s every now and then can.

Today's GP seemed fine enough. Prelim doesn't seem that scary after all.

IMG_8506 IMG_8507

Damn tired today. And it's freaking cold. That's why I HATE WINTER.    =]


This Alaiin Robert guy is damn powerful. I truly respect him. Salutes!`~~~~

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