Physics? Heck.

I think my Physics is dead. I think even if I take H1 also die. Oh gosh. Just embarrassed myself yesterday because of X-ray. “Ziyi, Physics got learn X-ray meh?” as I asked. Everyone at the table stared and smiled at me. You get the idea lah, huh.

Yesterday went out to eat again. Ok lah, I have been eating out everyday. Really kinda getting broke. Mum’s gonna come back this Sunday. hope she brings fresh cash for me. But then,I really gotta know many new people this week, especially J1s lah, thanks to Ziyi and his [our] Council kawans. Hoho, now I know a lot of deep dark secrets.


After that we went to Pepper Lunch at AMK. Well, yeah lah, felt a bit scared of someone. But never mind, that is 过往云烟 already. The most important thing is that ZK got owned. Really got owned. Haha shan’t disclose much, I shall be seeing him in 10 minutes anyway.

Pepper lunch quite nice leh. Just a bit ex. But it’s worth it man. DARN NICE. And juts being random, 74 is damn fast. I took only 20 odd minutes to go back to NJ to chiong for my curfew.

Oh yeah, yesterday I just realised that there is a Descendant of Mr. Confucius sitting right in front of me and Zikai. Really got eye no see 哦以哦. You would be damn shocked to know this fact as well. Clue: His Chinese CMI and is from SJI. He is damn famous in school. Try guessing.

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