Makan angin, Cuci mata.

My room damn nice clean right (haha ignore the clothes at the windows). No choice mah, Mr Sham checking room on Sunday, must last minute clean a bit mah… Ignore that monkey on the right too, he is getting flabbier and flabbier. (On a side note, he went to take a jog right after that, heh)

Have been ponning morning assembly. Today is last day of school. Shall go to school later to camwhore a bit. Yesterday went to Starbucks to mug a bit, but I didn’t think it was very very effective because I was damn sleepy. It’s better to stop going morning assembly; just a waste of time.
Bagai bintang di surga
Dan seluruh warna
Dan kasih yang setia
Dan cahaya nyata
Glad that awak boleh di sini apabila saya perlu. Haha Safa is definitely make a big fuss out of this.

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