Went to watch a getai at Tampines just now. Tampines getais are always very crowded. Firstly, Tampines is the largest town in Singapore. Secondly, Tampines has very little getais. Really damn few, considering it’s enormous population.

Getais are fun and entertaining, if you understand what they say, that is. More and more young people are appearing on stage nowadays, and they bring new remixes and modern pop and techno and rock songs, for younger ghosts perhaps.

IMG_8746 IMG_8735

I don’t see why some people just go “yee-er” when they see getais. It’s a culture that’s unique to Singapore. Our Muslim friends are having Ramadan and need good rest and aman, yet they can tolerate such loud noises till 10.30pm. And anyway this is YOUR culture, not MINE. Minister George Yeo loves getais and he actually appeared at Hougang getalast night and spoke to the audience in Teochew. Okay lah, maybe he is trying to garner support for PAP, because elections seem to be coming soon. If a “foreigner” like me can appreciate their performance I don’t see why you can’t.

Anyway I enjoyed mugging these few days. Really wonderful. Spirits are high, bird shits in my eye. Whatever. Selamat mlm.

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