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I am starting to hate my new blog skin, which is here for about, a week? I am feeling a little racist so I think this color is really spoiling my mood… And it spoils my mood so much that I am actually doing Physics now. For goodness sake, the last time I did a Physics homework was 4 months ago when they taught Quantum Physics, with all those Tunnelling and Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle.

Today is our last PE class of my entire life of schooling, unless I fail my GP and come back next year, haha. It’s actually quite possible for me, you know. Since young I really loved PE. Last time in Primary School we play catching and climb around. In Maris Stella we run on the roads, beside all those cemeteries and crematoriums, even during 农历七月, which by the way, starts today! (Yay one month of 歌台s to watch!)

Still chionging thesis report ah… Decided to look for stuff regarding toponymy in Taiwan. In case you don’t know what it means, it is just a study of place names lah. Long long time ago, when Taiwan is infested by Aborigine Tribes, there was a place called Ta-kao (in tribe language, duh). Then came the Chinese settlers from Fujian, who spoked Hokkien. So when they asked what this landing place is called, the tribesmen told them that this place is called Ta-kao. These Hokkien settlers just simple transliterated it to 打狗, which sounded the same in Hokkien. Then Japanese took control of the island, and decided that 打狗 sounds too disgusting as a place name. By the way, if you can’t read Chinese, 打狗 means “to beat the dog up”. So they transliterated it タカォ, hence calling it 高雄, which sounded the same anyway in Japanese. Then after the Japs surrendered, China regained control of this place, and decided to keep the place name, but pronouncing it the Chinese way, hence Kaohsiung.

Actually Humanities can be very interesting. Just that different approaches should be engaged to allow interaction in class. I especially love my GP class, ‘cos we have responsible GP Reps, interesting topics in class, and a future-煮炒-stall partner. I love A7. =)

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