Oh I forgot, yesterday was 立秋, which marks the first day of Autumn in the Lunar Calendar (it's accurate!).

Has been doing China thesis since the morning, but progress has been slow and slumber. Like, I don't see much things being added. I so behind time, as compared to those China peeps in my class. Piano ordeal finished, now having thesis, then prelims, then A levels, then... Damn 4 short months. So many things to complete within these 4 months.


Lost from the start, I might as well be on the moon
Much colder than I thought even in the month of June

But now it's too late, it's taking over me
It feels so supernatural and I'm pulled the other way
It's more than I can take and I'm losing hold of everything


The only way to de-stress is to run and run and run. Run as fast as you can from one end of Singapore to the other. And run away from all this nonsensical stress you see.

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