Yam Seng. Hiatus. Reverance. Pradigm.

Imagine a scenario when I am eating Roti Prata. Then accidentally some curry kena smeared over my chin. Then I take the piece of prata to wipe it off. Then put into my mouth. Swallow. What is this prata called? Tissue Prata. Ok. LOL.

Today’s Principal talk was kinda interesting. People who have consistent good results will have the “privilege” of enjoying the services of the library and studying peacefully. The those who kanasai (like me) will have extra lessons. Don’t know what the heck she is thinking. But Mr Felix Lim is good lah, he come and console me and gave me some studying tips for Chem. That really made me feel better lor. Because even though I know my Physics like shit but I don’t want to lah… Moreover tomorrow got this stupid Physics consol MCQ test that last 1h 10min long. AND I AM WAITING FOR THE DAY WHEN I BECOME PHYSICS TOP SCORER. HAHAHA XD

Basket, Mr Tsang call me Yam Seng, or something like that lah. “Yam Seng, you think the line of regression is x on y, YES OR NO?” “Yes or No” has become his 招牌 already lor. Quite cool guy lah. Heard he told Paul to study hard or something like that. Think he gave up hope on me already, haha.

Anyway I’m stuck at McDonalds to mug my Physics. Damn lot of muds here. I still think the east is better. We have fresher air and nicer people to live with.

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