Unleashing… the

Ran with a heavy bag today, estimated mass of 7kg, X~N(7,0.5)… All the way to Choa Chu Kang just to get rid of the almost-overdue library books. It sucks to carry such a heavy bag and run. i wonder how those NSmen can tahan doing so. Walking still can lah, but running… Yeeyer..!

Piano exams in 4 days, still playing like shit. Articulation, coherence, tempo and even accuracy are all not there yet. Am I being over-confident, or over-pessimistic? ARGH. Why I have so much crap recently?!?! My life is always screwed during the Autumns… Sec 2 kena call parents for crap, Sec 3 even worse, Sec 4 got serious tensions at home, J1 too busy to have all these shit and now I have all these shit back again.

Actually it seems that by being very very busy one can put all his troubles and 烦恼s to the back of the brain, or maybe even out of it. I donno what I am constantly fed-up at but people always say I got the very very fed-up face and always seem to wanna beat someone up. Walau eh people face born like that what, got choice meh? You get me free plastic surgeon maybe I can consider changing my face to Edison’s…

Tomorrow shall be a great day. End school early, as usual. Still have not decided what to do. My thesis is still stagnant, Prelims are nearing, Piano is even nearer, and many people happen to be born in the month of September. (I wonder why) Henceforth I seriously need to think about what I wanna become and how I wanna achieve. I don’t wanna let down people, especially parents and friends who constantly say that “Yangs is very clever”. I seriously is not. Okay whatever my grammar is, you get my point lah yeah? Don’t put hopes on me. I don’t deserve them. Leave to someone better, not me, with a BARREN prospect. (From Jiaqiang)

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