AQ tires me.

Just finished watching the National Day Rally in Malay and Chinese. I have no time to watch my English one, because of stupid China Thesis. Sucks, it’s due on Tuesday. And I still have to chiong for my Prelims. I think it’s game over for my Physics already. Physics can go eat shit already.

And some teachers in NJ is really damn kaypoh. I get MC or not is my own problem right? I don’t understand why she can be so kaypoh and go tell Miss Wu that I missed GP. She can come and ask me straightaway what, since according to her, she saw me playing piano with North in the canteen.

And so, back to life. Spent one night on Sentosa with YEC for Retreat. Definitely better than the Kelong one two years ago, albeit that was an unforgettable experience, after being stuck on an unknown island on the day before A Maths Prelim. But the villa was good lah, got private swimming pool somemore, Wii the whole night, and talk a lot of cock eat a lot of steamboat.



Haha a bunch of big bullies bullying a small girl.…

Just checked my Prelim Timetable. I feel so lucky to have only two days where I have two exams on the same day. It feels good not to take Econs, so I have one less paper before the September holidays. And I have been mugging so long in Lot One/BPP and  I see random NJCians there almost everyday. Starbucks is so addictive, I love the Ice Blends with whipped cream. They are so delicious that I miraculously don’t mind tahan-ing all those cigarette smoke from those muds sitting behind me. Life is just so ENJOYABLE outside home.

Shall be in JB again. Monday is always my favorite day. I don’t think I shall have Monday blues lah.

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