Wah today damn tired. I went to Gym with DJL. Freaking tiring!!! Those giant dumbbells sure can crush people lah!

Did some Maths today, found myself unusually motivated today. Maybe I am trying to prove to someone that I can DO IT. Or maybe I just wanna chiong for Prelims, which is like, next next Friday. Luckily I don’t take Econs, seriously, or else I have yet another paper to prepare for before the holidays.

August~September is a favorite season for babies huh?! I see so many people appearing on my Birthday Calendar. Seemingly my wallet is gonna burst.

Very soon, I guess I am gonna go back home already. I would certainly miss NJ Hostel. So much of fun and angst in it.

And my emotions just start to turn… more and more… rampage… What’s going on?

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