ㄞˋ ㄍㄨㄛˊ

Just finished the National Day Dinner at CCSS. Okay I am not feeling really sober now, but at least I am conscious of what I am typing yeah. Suddenly I just felt very very patriotic. I actually can remember all the National Day Songs, like “Count on me, Singapore” and “One People, One Nation, One Singapore”!!!

I seriously is stuck in a confusion. Why am I so 愛國 when people around me aren’t? It’s just kinda weird. We suffer the same types of education and yet harness different attitudes for our mighty nation. This is truly something our government need to ponder about.

IMG_8232 IMG_8266

Today Piano exam like shit lah. Not really in the mood to discuss about it. But Sight Reading is a miracle. And so is Aural. Thanks Kelly for the 孜孜不倦的教誨! It was helpful lah. But I was kinda nervous and 慌 for some parts. Sigh my mental strength still needs improvement. And I need encouragement now. Badly.

New improvements in the NJ Boarding School. New security cameras in the Pantry. To obviously prevent people from stealing food. But the cameras have a different direction. So I can eat everything I want IN THE PANTRY and yet no one knows.


混合著心酸 點點
還有 陽光的溫暖 

Is it that difficult to forget? I have no idea at all. After all, I am a noob in such things. But no matter what, I will still wish you a 美好将来. And no matter what, when you need me, I would be THERE.

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