senang, left.

The SCTs are leaving as 3SGs after next friday. And most of the OOCs got their postings already. Which leaves the few pathetic newbie OOCs like us lying around the company office for another month or so. God wonders what's gonna happen during this period. Hopefully we get day-offs? I doubt so, but just hope lah huh.

Tuesday went to NUS for my knee. No big issue, Mr. White-robe gave me another two different dates to see him (a chance to leave camp! :) ). Wednesday was...... I don't know. I woke up at 6am to do some ushering jobs and then did almost nothing till the end of the day, unless you wanna count me running barefooted for about 1km to relay some important information.

Today is Thursday. Braces day. As usual, braces is PINK. It can only be PINK RED or PURPLE lah huh, GREEN and BLUE looks too disgusting on my teeth lah.

Tomorrow should have nothing also. Then Saturday morning book out. Then Sunday night come back. Then be like that for another week.


Good luck kiddos for your Prelims. And your A Levels. Hohoho. Your papa me was still lepaking at the coffee shops in Choa Chu Kang back then.

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