It's over. All have gone. From next week, there will only be four people in bunk.
Hope these Sergeants at Pulau Tekong treat their men the Leopard way.

Jaiganesh saw my envy today while I cheered for the J Coy Contingent. How am I not envious when I could actually be part of them. And pass out, with the fact that my performance isn't too bad, to go to unit. You know, I like Hokkien-pengs. They're a challenge, but last time when I mingled with those Mohawk kids they were treasures. Haha.

Let's anticipate what my WORKAHOLIC boss will give us next week. Having an 8-5 job is a good thing, but I'm pretty sure it comes with a price...... HAHAHAHAHA.

Jaiganesh told me, "Dude, you'll have your day."
Let's hope the clouds disperse and I quickly get a posting. I wouldn't mind a recourse; I can go Taiwan again in the winter.

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