Now it's pretty late, the library is gonna close soon, so I shall make this post short.

Firstly, I am enjoying my recently gained freedom! The Cadets are passing out soon, so there's really little work for us (other than the last-minute crap at the longkang today, that made me appear late for a dinner-date ARGH). So at night can book out lah, provided we were good boys. OF COURSE I WAS A GOOD BOY. People call me GARANG SOLDIER okay...

This friday is somehow gonna get screwed though. At first want go out makan one, but now, ARGH I don't think can liao. Never mind, I am appointed as an usher so can get to see many many people. Hahaha. I just like mingling around lah.

The Sunday's lunch-cum-dinner-cum-blahblahblah was kinda fun, thanks to my two adorable juniors. Haha. You guys better study hard. Seriously.

Joke from our 2IC:

Me: Er, Encik ah I got this thing.....  blah blah blah....
Encik: I can don't want to do annot....
Me: Encik, must do lah.... Serious!
Encik: Serious? Serious go hospital lah....

LOL. Hahas.

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