bersejarah and berbudaya?

Now 8 to 5 job, very free, so decided to go JB again to get food to fill my stomach at night in camp. Got so much time might as well take a stroll around right. After all, haven't been touring JB since last year.

There's this 锦华茶餐室 that I wanna recommend. The Kopi and Toast is damn nice, nicer than whatever Toast Box or Ah Kun whatevers. Ah and the auntie there actually works at Hwachong Poolside on weekdays hahaha.

Time seems to stop here, and at the corner of the street there's this 霍有用 liang-teh shop, where the shop is as black as the liang-teh itself hahahahaha.

A lot of old shops here, and it seems that once the people meninggal dunia, their stories end here too. At the end of the street towards Jln Ungku Puan (Little India) there's this Salahuddin Bakery, the owner is like, 72 years old, Muslim, migrated from North India since young. He insists on baking his breads and naans using the traditional charcoal fired way. Impressive.

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee isn't very long lah. From OCBC Bank to HSBC Bank, a few hundred metres only, but is the only memories left from JB's past.

Ok, I've made up my mind to take on Conservationism once I enter NUS Archi.


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