Went to Pulau Ubin today. To seek the truth. Or rather to take a break off reality. Anyway it’s good place to relax.

Sadly I did not have a bicycle, this enables me to walk around freely, and get lost for quite some time, heh heh. It’s good to take detours lah and go off the beaten track lah, but don’t kaykiang and anyhow walk next time.

Didn’t upload pictures yesterday. Forgot. So I went to Yishun to eat with some cute J1s at 9pm. Haha it was Tuesday anyway, so no prob with curfew:

Then yesterday was class outing at Thomson and Orchard with a movie. Fantastic Mr Fox.

And today was Pulau Ubin, Home, Tampines, Yishun and Bukit Panjang. Gosh I love my legs. Not for its slimness but for its dexterity. I don’t any common man can tahan walking around for that long.

And yay my third Primary Sch has outing. So happy. Haven’t been seeing them for years. Doubt they would forget me anyway. Ciaos.

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