ㄍㄢˋ, once again

Shit my CDs are not at Choa Chu Kang Interchange. They are gone, forever. SHUCKS. At least I didn’t lose my Jolin Tsais. PHEW. But I have yet to find out what I had lost, other than my favorite 海角七号 soundtrack which is damn prominent and is the few pieces of my reminiscence of Taiwan. Pardon my grammar something is wrong here, but this feeling just sucks. WHAT THE FIAK FIAK FIAK.
Today GP was ok lah. At least better than f(x)=f(x+4) right. Stupid recurrence shit. Anyway apparently I was caught sleeping in exam today during Paper One by the mighty Sharon. OOH that was bad experience. Saw her once again in the Boarding School, where she demanded her umbrella back. The umbrella she forced me to take last week. And the invigilator, who looks like Mary Lim on drugs, was chanting how neat my handwriting was and how good my secondary school must be at the back of the container class. KAHHAN, BE JEALOUS. RV CANNOT BEAT MARIS STELLA, MUAHAHAHA. Today must have indeed been a very very random and spontaneous day.

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