Newfoundland. No Labrador.

IMG_9491Went to JB today. Entered Coffee Bean. Greeted by seductive prices on the menu; every drink here is below RM 8. Not like Starbucks, got some drinks RM14 one. HMPH.

African Sunrise tastes SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!! And so is that Linguine. I dislike vegeterian food, but this linguine superb.

Then studied a while, talked some cock with the shopkeeper. He tried to call in a Physics teacher to help me on spot. Haha of course I refused. But see, such friendliness cannot be found in Singapore. At least not in Coffee Bean Singapore. They will just chase you away for mugging and not consuming.

Then went McDonald’s. Whoa. Quarter Pounder with Cheese Set Meal Up-sai (my way of pronouncing Up-size). Smiling at me at only RM10. That is S$4+. Damn. My purchasing power is boomsz in Malaysia. It just feels so good to use S$s and spent in RMs.

Next time I go JB will be somewhere before Prom bah. Maybe Aiman awak boleh ikut saya lah. Haha saya sudah jadi orang M’sia…

I am so gonna get screwed if my mum checks the passport. I can expect what she is going to say already: “你好大的胆子啊,老娘没同意你就敢出国!反了!”Ok ok just kidding. But the gist is there.

Physics, here I come. MUAX. Love your enemies. That’s what church taught me. =)

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