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Phew Thailand Snacks can be real spicy. My lips are like 刘文聪's right now.

Today is a good day. Enjoy this Fantastic Mr. Fox movie, a stop-motion animated film based on that Roald Dahl’s book:


Suddenly I feel like Mr Fox. On one hand he just thinks big and talks and talks. On the other hand he is truthful to his friends. Of course I can’t say I am wholeheartedly truthful to everyone, but I do try my best to do so.

Great Indian restaurant today at Thomson Rd. Just happened to pass there last night. Well it’s kinda worth it, but I was really really not full. =(

China embassy full of Chinamen. Damn crowded. It’s as if I am in a foreign land. Queue so long just to make a bloody visa to China. Filling in the particulars on the form just make me feel weird. “Country of Birth”---China. “Former Nationality”---China. “Current Nationality”---Singapore. “Country of Embarkation”---Singapore. This is all so weird. A Singaporean who also holds a China passport is applying for a visa to China. WTH.

Saw so many NJ people today. A total of 18 in 10 hours. 3 couples included somemore. Hohoho two pairs at Wisma Atria and one at CCK MRT. The CCK couple was so…………… hahahahahaha look quite alike lah, haha. Apparently Singapore is so small and so sian that everybody goes to the same places. I don’t care I shall go Pulau Ubin and slack tomorrow.

I think Aiman is right. Saya tak nak and should not teruskan ini. After all, school is indeed over, and I will be botak in another two months time. What’s the point of thinking and pondering, when it’s all gonna be over soon? Do the right thing. Be ready to welcome Pope Yang I in the future.

Which one could I be? =)

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