where the gun points left

Hmm. A little updates here.

Sunday. I went to attend the POP parade of then-REC Zikai. Of course I met a lot of others around as well. Oh well. High Profile hor, took me more than an hour just from one end to the other because every few steps there will be someone shouting my name.

But I ain't complaining. I havent' met them physically for eons. Especially those from Maris Stella. Yeah they are my juniors, and I knew most of them because I was the camp leader for various camps in two years. It's like seeing little kids grow up, haha. They are the type of people where once in a while you wanna meet up with them, not too close yet not too far, and yet can share (or bitch) about all those happy memories together.

Maybe that's how unique relationships are to me? I realise that each and everyone of us treats relationships in different ways. I used to think Facebook was a pretty good concept until they started revealing too much of my privacy that I decide to write more jokes and nonsenses as my statuses, hee. (Y)

And to the-girl-that-I-met-after-the-parade-for-drink-and-chomp, please be more bold and there is no need to feel awkward because there is always a need to break the ice! Break it fast and furious yeah!

Monday is braces day. Nothing much to share, my braces is just HOT PINK.  :目

Tuesday is a lot of work. And guess what, I enrolled myself for two crazy courses called CSB and PL SGT Course! GARANG annot?

The fact that I had injured myself and OOCed is just unbearable. Seriously I wouldn't have wasted so much time if I had continued with my training. And follow that career path till I reach 50? Hmm.

But then again, if I hadn't OOCed, my life would have been so much duller. Now at least I can boast of knowing virtually every unit because I've been kicked around like a 人球 for months. And plus my new trainings and new jobs. My calendar tells me I'll be damn busy till October.

BUSY is good right.
Because the state of being busy = BUSINESS.

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