PTE Dog-egg


Went to Sentosa to sun myself yesterday. Talking about sunning, in ancient China it was believed that the 6th of the 6th Month 六月初六 is the sunniest day of the year and everyone, including the Emperor, will sun their barang-barangs on this day.

Okay so I was sunning myself. And I look like lobster now. :D

Met some foreigners, because they shared my umbrella. There was this particular Pakistani guy who hates America and loves China. There was this Ukrainian Maths teacher who stays in Bt Batok. And there's this Canadian couple, the husband is a Finn but the wife is a Quebecois. How random the day must be!

And on a side note, a "DAMN" to all the shops who don't sell pants of my size. You know how difficult it is to find a pair of pants below 28". People must be getting fat nowadays. GRRR. Kudos to G2000!

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