rumput. rambut.

I cut my hair again. Because I got BERET liao (yeah Infantry one is dark green)!!!!!! Now Senior already leh, cannot anyhow play play in camp le.

Had a puff (two puffs, rather) of Winner and Marlboro in training shed. Hmmm. The aftertaste sucks. Don’t really like it. Winner got a bit of banana taste though.

Not enough sleep at home. Shall go back camp early to catch up with sleep first. Sometimes I don’t feel like booking out sia, so far from my house, MRT so damned crowded I cannot sleep also….. Might as well stay overnight in bunk then go home the next day right. More efficient.

That said, this Saturday a bit burned lah, got some firing stuff. And this whole course got quite a few weekends kena burned, but then when it comes to holidays, we get REEEEAAAALLLLLYYYYY long ones. And then go Taiwan. Hahahahahaha.

For our brothers in Pulau Tekong right now, if you come SCS, remember to call me SENIOR. Or else you kena knock it down. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :)

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