Now I am, blogging at a random computer. Guard Duty last night was a tough one. In case you haven’t realised, I haven’t slept from 1.30pm till now. And most probably I am not going to till tonight 10pm. Then tomorrow go for Field Camp. Thank God I have a rather understanding Section Sergeant.
Upcoming event: Combat Service Badge. Gonna cross waters and march an even further distance of 32km. (28km I thought was quite a killer liao hahaha, but I shall prevail, as usual)
Gonna be pretty busy, this weekend is burnt again, but get to book out on Sunday night and book in on Monday night. Clubs don’t open on Sunday nights right. Sians. Think I shall go JB lah. ever mind, those regulars all got a lot of plans one. Nowadays I mingle with them very very well hahahaha. Life as a regular actually quite exciting, nowadays the enciks give a lot of things to do, making myself feel more useful. Especially when I haven’t signed finish everything yet, I have no obligations to do all these stuff. Life is really enjoyable in NS. Heh.
And I just realised how skinny I am. While doing Physiotherapy in my singlet and shorts, I was supposed to do single leg hops, and my singlet actually floated for 3s in the air before landing back on my shoulder. ARGH. I need to gain weight. I gained 4kg already, but seems not enough leh.
Waiting for 02/10 Pulau Tekong kids to come SCS. Remember to call me Senior!
[Trying to learn Japanese the proper way. Anyone know how?]

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