All same lah

Okat. Think the whole world (planet botak) is frantically checking their posting results….. And while some say YAY to their OCS, many more are yelling WTFs because they become men. Men, like mechanics, drive tanks, medics, etc.

Come on lah be proud of your vocations can. There must be a reason why you kena that vocation what. I always told myself that I wanted to be in Guards, because I don’t want to waste my time loafing around doing “slack jobs”. Yeah now I am going SISPEC, with Paul and many others. Keep your expectations low dudes, you will see things in different light. =)

I didn’t want to go OCS. OCS is tough (so is SISPEC), and I think 9 months is a bit too long. Haha. Lousy excuse lah huh. And anyway I won’t be eligible for OCS also. Because my English CMI. Hahahaha I don’t think the sergeants often hear me speaking English to them sia…. And how on Earth do you find a 2nd Lieutenant that goes WALAU NABEH LIN LAOHIA? Hehe so I am fated for SISPEC lah, can mingle with my Hokkien Peng boys. I won’t mind that. And perhaps I would still consider signing on?

Tomorrow will be damn hiong. 700 people chionging for Architecture aptitude tests. I really wonder how many people can pass through. 100 perhaps? And I see so many familiar names on the name list… And so many people taking Art also….. Argh this really sucks lah. Like no confidence already. I really wanna go Architecture but the chances looks kinda slim huh. 1 in 7. Might as well buy Toto right.

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