Wah finally I am back. PHEW. Life in SISPEC (SCS, whatever they wanna call it) is really really different from life in Pulau Tekong. And while I feel that the life here sucks, apparently those who used to be from the more hiong companies in Pulau Tekong think this place is damn SLACK. DAMN. BIG CULTURE SHOCK.

What have I learnt in the first week? I learnt how to not 以貌取人. Haha. Sometimes people the face a bit screwed up, till such an extent that people call them F***FACE. Which is quite true, although it isn’t their fault really. And most of the time these F***FACEs piss people off more often because of their face. Yeah I just realised that in SISPEC I shall not be like this anymore. We should treat each other equally. Hohohohohoho.
And there are quite a few regulars here with us, and I think they are damn experienced so so what if they BTC. BTC有BTC的好处。People who study too much normally will start to restrict themselves because THE BOOK SAY TAK BOLEH. Come on lah, we now all must be THINKING SOLDIERS, in whatever way we can win the war can liao, why go by the book so strictly?

Haven’t been taking good care of myself very much, yesterday had a fever of 39.2+. Must be because I too garang liao. Everything I try to chiong timing, exert myself too much, then one day I die in camp perhaps the state flag will cover upon me. Hehehe. And anyway once again, heaven has shown that complacency will lead to disastrous results. IPPT 2.4km run: 9.45min. YOU NOOB SHIT. GOLD TIMING IS <9.44!!!!!!!!!! DAMN.

Alright shall be going for my interview later.Good luck for myself bah.

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