Coklat. Beza.


So you know, I hate chocolates. And it is quite annoying when everyone gets chocolates for you during performances because they assumed I would like it. 最糟糕的是,人家毕竟一片心意,你还不能骂他,更不能退货,最后只好偷偷摸摸找个时候趁机把这些巧克力分掉。

Am I complaining? I'm not. 都说了是心意,"Hutang emas boleh dibayar, hutang budi dibawa mati",哪里好意思 complain 酱多?

I'm not simply ranting about what I like/dislike. Instead, what I am talking about is embracing diversity. 这不是一个非黑即白的世界,人与人之间的尊重不能因为意识形态的不同而有所区别。

I was brought up in a conservative, traditional Chinese way, which emphasises a lot on conforming to social norms. Which is fine, at least for the first twenty years of my life.

Conformity keeps things orderly. And I like order. Okay ignore the state of my room for now, in general I like order. But what these years of university education brought me new perspectives in keeping myself open to variants, and I am grateful for it.

I have always been a strong advocate against language conformity. 语言没有标准性,只有地方性。Emphasis of a language (or dialect, for that matter) based on its economic value is simply bullshit. Learning Japanese doesn't put you a higher being than learning Malay. Non-English speakers are not any way less Singaporean than English speakers. Simply put, it's about embracing diversity.

Our society is indeed getting more complex. Sexual orientations, political ideologies, skin colours, to name a few. So why don't people just shut up and live beside one another without calling names?

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