Sian lah, today run like shit from Simei to Hougang. Two and half hours. Damn tiring. Hahahaha.

Ok lah, kinda comfortable. Try doing all the warm up things learnt during training this week.

Anyway, I OFFICIALLY PROCLAIM THAT I HATE CHINESE NEW YEAR. Chinese New Year is a time where everywhere is closed yet crowded. And I am watching some China Chinese New Year Gala shit on Cable TV. Pure Propaganda and Crap. Utter Pointless. Lame humor. And I would be receiving very little angbaos. Well, people no relatives here mah, so do what, eat shit everyday for these few days lor. Seriously it sucks to be an immigrant, man. Sucks totally.

Alright, I am feeling selfish. My family members (in case you are curious, there are only 3 of them) and my cousins are around me now. But I don’t like this. I just feel damn bored right now. Why can people go out and have fun and visit here and visit there, while I stay at home eat shit and KKYLP everyday? Life is so freaking unfair. I can’t wait to go back to my Pulau Tekong already. How I wish right now I am being confined so that I can replenish my sleep in my bunk and just lie on bed doing nothing.

File:Valentines day poster 10.jpgToday went to watch Valentine’s Day with Muhammad and gang. I took some pictures lah, but shan’t disclose here. I am FUGLY FUGLY FUGLY with no hair. Some ass say I look like an ah-beng monk. Ask that guy to eat shit lah. Anyway, Julia Roberts is seriously hot for an auntie, haha. The movie was good lah, small stories between here and there, with all those spinning songs, stars and scenarios is merry-go-round-like, producing a sort of dizzying collage that makes stupid viewers like me adore.

Well, in the movie, Topher Grace said,“When you love someone, you love his/her everything, even if you don’t like some aspects of it.”

[Oh Jennifer Garner is damn hot too, can’t believe she is 37 already, hahahaha.]

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