Hmm. Whoever this blog belongs to I actually don’t really care. But the model here is definitely prettier than the Hollyhoque one. Haha.

Anyway 3 days deprived of Facebook is killing me. Luckily there is such a great invention called GPRS such that I can still comment and update and keep in touch with the Human World, rather than the @#*?$+%!@&# World at “THE ISLAND GETAWAY”.

Our commanders are really good people, and really takes great concern for our welfare. And they got a lot of weird theories to share too! Haha. Shan’t disclose here though, it is copyrighted (I think) from their mouths. I can tell you whatever they said though, hehe. Theories that will make you go WALAU EH 97320323223 times.

Kinda deprived of sleep everyday. But I loved Wednesday. Waking up at 5am is indeed a feat, but looking at the clear night sky at Pulau Sejahat is another one. Dazzling stars sia. Never seen so bloody much in my entire bloody life, haha. NS is worth it lah, seriously.

Alright I shall talk a little bit about my friends in my Section (aka bunk) lah. They are very interesting people. We have a Mat-behaving Chinese, a tall and long huddle-runner, a big tit and big biceps muscleman, a badminton guy whose weight is almost 30kg more than mine, a half-angmoh, etc etc. And I happen to be the vulgarest amongst them all. Not surprising right… Haha whatever. I can guarantee that my English will drop to below PSLE standard after NS. CONFIRM PLUS CHOP. Sialah, I am becoming Mat soon too.

Chinese New Year sucks totally. Everywhere is closed. ARGH. GRRR. HMPH.

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