sian ah dun wan go maths

“Hi boy, your Sec 3 results doesn’t really seem convincing…. at all. Why do we have to accept you into our course?”
“Because I have a very strong interest and it has always been around my life… And I really want to create something entirely new for our nation and communities.”
So this kid was accepted into Singapore Polytechnic, School of the Built Environment. But then, his mother made him reject the offer instead, due to various VERY FORESEEN circumstances. So, this dumb kid ended up in a school “prestigious” school known as National Junior College.


See, people in SP got LIFE one, ok.

Stuck in a school where everybody is mugging and it’s awkward not to mug, what kind of life experience do you expect to gain from this? In ancient China those studious people study so hard just to attend the Imperial Examinations. What is their syllabus? 八股文。Fixed format with fixed content. Just memorise and regurgitate. Of course we do see successful scholars who are useful to the nation, but the vast majority just mug and mug and mug and become unknown government official and just die off like that.

Anyway yesterday supposed to go SP Library lah, THANKS TO 蔡, it’s not open. But then never mind lah, the place now looks better than when I first went their for DPA interview.

Also, yesterday is the Southeast Youth Gathering at PA HQ!!!! The PA HQ damn nice lah, the building got very vintage feel… Big big field for……. Chingay aka saikang practices… And we have Wondergays performance, haha. Seriously I needa get more proactive le lah. Ever since I came to this no-life-school I am just losing touch with the outside world. Now my circle of friends is basically just people of my age. I needa get out of this 框框 sooner, man. You do need relations outside school to secure yourself a better future, don’t you?

15 MORE DAYS. Oh yeah talking about 15, there is this movie called 15 by Royston Tan, about these bunch of gangsters going around hooting. And about this gang whacking these bunch of Angmoh-pai kids who really deserve a beating…… Ok fine I am biased. But I just cannot stand people flaunting their angmoh accents in front of me. *aka AC people, haha.

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