zoom, terbang!

It's amazing how time flies.
I was tidying up my room just now, and saw this stack of 剪报s that I had since JC days, preparing for China Studies then.

报纸出刊时是德国统一二十年,退守台湾六十年,which is 2009.
It's 2012 now, and I am reading news talking about terrorists killing American diplomats and a new Chinese leadership coming up.

I used to wonder how those convicts would feel when they were sentenced to 5 years of jail.
Now it seems, that 5 years would just pass with a blink of an eye. Or maybe two.
Imagine you will live till a ripe old age of 80, with some CPF to spare.
Right now, you have already spend 25% of your life.
What have you achieved? What are you  going to achieve?
Citing the Germany article as an example,
Are you going to attempt something for twenty years and yet still say they it isn't accomplished?

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