makan tidur.

I just ended Union Camp. To be honest I didn't enjoy it that much lah, maybe because I set my expectations too high?

But anyway we had an awesome OG. THE EXPOSERS, HAHAHAHA. And really fun people!

The most awesome group ever. Like a chillax only. <3

Clubbers with Durian Ice-creams!

Carrying Pearlyn's bag like a gas cylinder. HAHAHA.

Thanks Pearlyn for all the fun! And night HTHT!

Chilling at Koufu with Yiren, Yiting and Rui Ann!
Rui Ann was bitching about how FRAGILE she felt!!!

My SP! Deep connection hahahaha.

Thanks Ka Tsun for being there when I feel like shit.

Long time no see NJ PEEPS!


Union Camp was dead tiring, but I still bopian lan-lan must go for NDP NE Show 1. Dragon-boating lagi. SHACK DAO MAXXXXX LOR.

But the fireworks were damn good. The organisers were dead generous, hahaha.

I realise my view was damn good on the waters. It must have been a privilege to take from the angle below!!! :DDD

The long waiting times sucked big time. My favorite sleeping hotspot under the Flyer, heh.

Happening life is SO GONNA END SOON.
Ending off with my favorite picture for the camp:


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