Malingering is a medical term that refers to fabricating or exaggerating the symptoms of various disorders for a variety of motives, including financial compensation; avoiding work or military service; obtaining drugs; or simply to attract attention or sympathy.

Sometimes I'm really glad and thankful that I'm so cheena. At least I can share the virtues of 岳飞 文天祥 and 于謙. I know my purpose. Of course my garang-ness have eroded through time, and with our Service Motto of SLEEP THROUGH SKILLS, obviously the watermelon-faced will evolve into the 朝九晚五-type office worker.

If being in the Force have been so miserable and since it has all along been an obligation, why not just migrate and leave this place for good? No one owes you a living anyway, you might just be happier. As far as I know, I eat sleep shit here, and this is where I belong. I've been grateful for what my family and I have acquired, in comparison to our past.

It'll be a matter of time for you understand the true meaning of NS. A place where you find your position. A place where your fellow comrades judge you, instead of the society. Count yourself lucky instead.

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