This is the first time I am not celebrating National Day at home. It's a totally different feeling when you watch the NDP with 20 people wearing the same clothes as you. We all know, it's for a purpose--to protect and defend all that we have, on this very sacred day.

Just realised I couldn't find this year National Day song in Chinese. I remembered in past years every NDP song comes with a Chinese version. Maybe they scraped that because it's not economically viable? I don't know, but thank god I managed to watch the NDP this year on Ch 8 even though I'm not at home :D

This song brought me through J1, and I like Joi Chua's voice:

And this song is DAMN VINTAGE, and I remember how we always laugh when there is that "Pledge" inside the chorus:

I realised that last time the NDP songs are very "pragmatic", like they all come with a "purpose".
We should be united, so we'll have songs like "One People One Nation One Singapore".
We should have more faith in our future, so we'll have songs like "Count On Me, Singapore".
We should defend our nation, so we'll have songs like "Stand Up for Singapore".

Hmm. Now these songs sound a bit........ 俗, isn't it?
But it's actually such songs that stays in our minds longer, yeah?

Happy National Day.

Just for laughs.

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